I'd Rather...

“I’d rather listen to your troubles than your eulogy”—my friends on Facebook have posted this. Strangers have shared this. Souls have whispered this in prayer, in hope, and in grief.

GOP Hypocrisy

We are well into 2019 now, and I thought this was the year to be new. That’s what all the motivational posters keep telling me.  Except, I am still seeing a barrage of the same old hypocrisy in politics. If anything, it’s been amplified recently.

Banned Book Week 2018

This week is Banned Book Week where book lovers celebrate culturally significant books that were challenged, banned, and censored before they could reach the brains of their intended readers.

A Few Thoughts on August 15, 2018

Today, I heard a speaker ask his audience of young professionals to consider the costs of not changing. He was speaking about being adaptive in one’s careers, but I started to think about it in terms of how we treat other people. What is the cost if we allow discrimination, bigotry, and abuse to run rampant? I believe we risk losing the beauty in other people because our preconceived bias.

Jailing the Children

As I sat watching the Brewers vs. Pirates baseball game tonight, the announcers were talking about how parents of middle school baseball players feel pressured to sign their children up for camps, enroll them in travel leagues, identify the player’s prime playing position, and are even worrying about whether their child will get a college baseball scholarship.

H.R. 620: Larger Than Emojis

I’m not convinced that an emoji is worth a 1,000 words, but when it comes to sending messages, all that matters is whether the receiver understood the sender’s message. And if that can be done with a few drawings, more power to emoji lovers.

Crisps Almighty!

Crisps almighty! PepsiCo’s CEO Indra Nooyi has finally discussed my most pressing concern as a woman. Despite what you think, it’s not protecting access to healthcare, fighting for equal pay, or combating sexual misconduct. Nah. It was those damn overly-cheesy, noisy doritos. But hallelujah!

Protest Poems

Protest Poems


I keep writing protest poems in comfort:
near middle-class behind a desktop computer
in notebooks full of unlined, acid-free paper
in my mind on the way to work, from work

A Post about *The Post*

Recently, I saw Spielberg’s The Post, and I left the theater feeling happy, elated that eventually… yes, eventually... the independent press will raise the alarm again, exposing errors of judgement within the government.

My Religion Is Hurting (Part I)

In my hometown, Wednesday nights were for catechism. Young Catholics, who attended the public school by day, would invade the closest Catholic school, expecting to learn a bit about God and definitely causing a mess. I had a goody-goody reputation because I didn’t dare put chalk in the erasers, or hide the erasers on top of the ceiling fans, or stuff candy wrappers in other students’ desks.

Trump Thinks We're Stupid

Note: This piece includes some explicit language, but the language and tone fit with the anger, frustration, and fear that the writer, editor, and others feel. No needless profanity here, only necessary outrage

A Season of Extremes

Note: Below is a holiday message from our contributing writer, Evan Stark, whose studies focus on Christianity. Progress and Tea wishes everyone a joyous holiday season, no matter how you’re celebrating. We look forward to sharing more pieces with you in the New Year!