Hello World

Hello, World! Samantha Traci and I started Progress and Tea with one very simple mission: to share human stories during a time when adversity is high and empathy is low. The world is polarized, and unfortunately, many are terrified of what's to come. This blog is designed to be a place to call for social justice, share voices and visions, and offer reminders of where we've been. Progress and Tea will offer a variety of genres because a society can learn as much about the human experience from fiction as it can from nonfiction. 

I also have another goal for this blog, which is to get more people writing and reading beyond a quick comment or shared story on social media. Sharing news, posting cat videos, and giving a quick shout-out to inspirational quotes has its place, but now is not the time to be silent. Now is the time to write. Now is the time to share our voices. That doesn't change with any election. The world will always be broken while imperfect persons exist. 

For many, life is spent searching for a definition–a mere phrase that sums up who we are. I'm still searching for a concise answer that sums up how I see myself, but each piece I write gets me closer to that answer. My fellow writers, we all have our own journeys, and I am glad you have chosen to share a glimpse of yourself with our publication. 

Be strong. Be kind.