Our Divided Country


Our Divided Country

         "If he is not with me but against me,
          if his presence and his breath are poison to me,
          then, if he comes near me
          down with him."          —D.H. Lawrence

Do you love the world?
Do you worship any thing
or any one?
Not what you've been told to worship,
but what your own soul has chosen.
If you still talk to human beings
(not robots or robotic people), without raising your voice
talk about this: Everything you love and hold dear
is under assault.
This means loving the world is no longer enough.
Enemies of all you love and hold dear are out
of the jungle. Free of camouflage.
Time to stop saying "I'm not political"
and identify their markings. They will despoil
everything you love and hold dear
if they have their way.
They must not have their way.
Replace the specious "Love thy neighbor"
with sterner stuff. Even the kind farmer
poet from Port Royal, Kentucky says "Love
is discriminate or fails to bear its weight."
Okay to love first,
any how, any where you can.
bell the cat.


About the Author

Daniel Dahlquist is a writer and a retired professor from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and you can read more of his work in his collection Slow Dancing in Carbondale