Thank You

Nearly one year ago, Progress and Tea was born out of my own need to return to writing and a need to process the world around me. The day before its inception, I had not planned to start this blog. For a while, I had been mulling over the idea of creating a personal space to share information about historical events, but the results of the November 8th election made me feel that something larger was needed. I didn’t need my own soapbox, but I did need a space to share my own writing and the pieces of other writers who felt that pithy social media posts and traditional publishing methods would not adequately meet the needs for the type of content that would flow from our hearts and minds as we attempted to grapple with what a Trump presidency meant.

Thankfully, the non-stop Samanta Traci and our wonderful web developer, Jeremy, were onboard with this plan from the start, and soon Progress and Tea was born. Certainly, the year has had its challenges, but we are looking forward to the next year of providing even more content, more book reviews, and (coming soon!) tea reviews. As we look towards the next year, I’m sure our posts will be influenced by life experiences and the ever-changing political landscape that we face, and I’m excited to learn from all of the writers who create content for Progress and Tea.

Samantha Traci and I wanted to give a big shout out to everyone who has supported Progress and Tea over the last year. To everyone who read a post, we hope you found something of value and a reason to keep reading. Your support and readership mean the world to us!

A very special thank you so our contributing writers (in no particular order): Daniel Dahlquist, Danielle Clapham, Hannah Scholbrock, Brittany Rogness, Chantelle Robertson, Jake Clapham, Jonathan Brown, Sareene Proodian, Jeremy Kirschbaum, Patty Watters, and Evan J. Stark—this publication has been enriched with your voices, stories, and insight. I know that writing is time-consuming and draining, so thank you for giving us just a little bit of yourself.

Finally, our web developer, Jeremy Kirschbaum, deserves a round of applause for his tireless work.

Here’s to another year of writing and reading.

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