Trump Thinks We're Stupid

Note: This piece includes some explicit language, but the language and tone fit with the anger, frustration, and fear that the writer, editor, and others feel. No needless profanity here, only necessary outrage

I can’t figure out why more Americans aren’t spitting mad at how stupid this White House thinks we all are. Pretty much every day something comes out that is a direct insult on the collective intelligence of this country, yet I don’t see the outrage.

I realize that most people tend to gravitate toward those who share similar beliefs and attitudes, and for the most part, my inner circle is as indignant as I am about each new Trump travesty (Trumpvesty?), but, overall, I don’t hear a real public outcry at these daily slights on our intelligence.

Take the GOP tax plan currently being jammed down our throats. I laughed out loud when I first saw Trump lay a kiss on a postcard-size replica of the “new” tax return. Surely, this was a joke or, at the very least, a visual representation of what they were trying to accomplish by simplifying the tax code? Nope. Trump and Paul Ryan are legitimately trying to sell the American people on the idea that they will be able to file their returns in a manner so uncomplicated that it will fit on a postcard.

Pardon the expression—but what the fuck?

The most galling part is that people actually believe it! And that’s the point—this new tax “plan” is aimed at the lowest common denominator among us in terms of intelligence. In fact, Trump’s entire campaign (and by extension his Administration) go out of their way to appeal to the most simple-mind Americans.

Sorry, not sorry, if that makes me sound arrogant, elitist, or like an asshole; I’m done using kid gloves around these people. We tried that tactic for the last few years, which resulted in Donald J. Trump as President. If you make under $300,000 and think Trump or anyone in the GOP gives a damn about you, you are woefully ignorant, exceedingly stupid, or both. At least, if you STILL think Trump gives a damn about you… I’m willing to concede that at the very outset of his campaign, it was slightly more understandable that some people gave him a chance.

Now, the bloom is off the rose, and it’s way past time for the blinders to come off the collective eyes of so many in this country. This tax plan is not better because it looks less complicated. Similarly, that wall will never be built, and the swamp has decidedly not been drained. How do people not see it?

What makes someone rationalize away the fact that Trump railed against corrupt politics and big business to get elected and then immediately filled his Cabinet with a virtual Who’s-Who of fat cat corporations? (If you need a reminder, those appointees include ExxonMobil executive and climate-change denier Rex Tillerson, billionaire wife to the heir of the Amway fortune Betsy Devos, Goldman-Sachs executive Steve Mnuchin… need I go on?)

The White House makes these moves with impunity and still Trump supporters give him a pass.  Trump looks the American public in the eye and says on camera “This is going to cost me a fortune.” That’s a bold-faced lie and even a cursory bit of research into the topic reveal why.  It’s estimated that while some low-income households will see some tax cuts under the new plan, most will be meager. In fact, according to a report by CBS News, “the poorest 20 percent of Americans will receive an average annual tax reduction of $130 in 2018, or less than 1 percent of their income, while the richest 1 percent will see their taxes fall by 2.4 percent of their income.”

It makes me wonder: since we’ve heard so much about how blue-collar, working-class people propelled Trump to the Presidency, why do people actively work against their own best interests?

We’ve all seen them on the news—the proud octogenarian in his MAGA hat, the good ol’ boy with his pickup truck and gun rack shouting “lock her up,” the Bible-clutching women sniffing about “illegals,” or the misguided youth solemnly stating that they are now free to say “Merry Christmas” again. Those stereotypes make for good TV, and those people DO exist, but likely not in the numbers (thank heavens!!) needed to hand Trump the presidency, nor sustain support for his policies now.

Certainly, a combination of foreign interference and voter apathy allowed Trump to enter the White House, but support for him now is mainly centered among the affluent. Evidence suggests that most Trump backers are wealthy Republicans and Evangelical Christians.

Many other announcements, enacted policies, and inaction over the past 11 months have been bad for the majority of Americans:

  • allowing the CHIP program to expire,

  • assaults on environmental safeguards (opening new oil and gas leasing opportunities in protected lands, easing drilling regulations, and rolling back habitat protections for endangered species to name a few),

  • unprecedentedly declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel,

  • announcing a ban on transgender troops serving in the military

…the list goes on.   

Realizing that the only people who benefit from those actions are people wealthy enough to have a financial stake in the outcomes of deregulation and dismantling social programs (or in the case of the Evangelicals, those who are only concerned about the afterlife) should make you furious. The Trump White House isn’t even trying to hide all the ways in which it’s working for the 1 percent.

And HOLY DEAR SWEET JESUS CHRIST ON A CRACKER as I write this I see that our Toddler-in-Chief is engaging in another dick-waving contest with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. I won’t even pardon my language this time. For FUCK’S sake what is wrong with him?

The President of the United States of America just tweeted “North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the ‘Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.’ Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

…I’m having trouble processing my thoughts. This might be the most dangerous, incompetent, idiotic thing Trump has done yet. Remember when I just got done writing about how he doesn’t care about this country or the people in it? Case in fucking point right here.

This inept President’s flippant words, akin to a child yelling “mine is bigger than yours,” clearly show how little regard he has for his citizen’s safety. It’s already painfully obvious that Trump does not think before he Tweets, but I’d hoped he might have privately given some thought to what being president actually means.

It’s as if Trump actually relishes the thought of being able to push that button. If he HASN’T given any thought to the resulting humanitarian crisis and shuddered, then he’s a sick son of a bitch indeed. No, I’m rather certain he just enjoys cavalierly throwing his weight around, the idea of nuclear war no more real to him than a round of Call of Duty. (Well, let’s be honest. That’s too complicated for him. A round of PONG, perhaps.)

I had more to say on all the reasons why the average American should be downright pissed at how stupid this Administration believes us to be. But as I sit here and watch my social media feeds explode with reactions to his batshit crazy Tweet, I’m seeing plenty of evidence for exactly why the White House thinks this way…

Because they can.

Because there’s still a frightening number of people in this country who love what Trump is doing and saying.

Because a lot of people really are incredibly stupid…or to paraphrase a friend, some people are really not smart. (That’s far more generous than I feel capable of being right now!)

Because between all the understandably horrified reactions to this egregious behavior, I see a sprinkling of reactions that include: “Well, he’s right”; “We should just nuke all of North Korea and be done with it!”; “It’s just talk, relax snowflakes”; and, as always, “But her emails!”

I don’t understand this complacency. It’s not hyperbolic to say we are on the edge of a nuclear war because this shitstain of a “leader” can’t put his grown-up pants on and act responsibly.  Nope, Trump’s going to keep poking the bear, offending the (likely equally unhinged) leader of another country and culture that he knows nothing about, until one of them goes too far.

We, the average Americans who the White House thinks are too stupid to understand income taxes cannot fit on a postcard, will pay the price. I’m so angry I can’t type straight right now.

Trump voters, you did this. He’s your fault. A minority of Americans voted for a dangerous idiot, and he may literally destroy this country with his incompetence.