A Is for Activism

You’re never too young to learn about activism. This alphabet board book by Indonesian author/illustrator Innosanto Nagara introduces children to progressive values, such as activism, environmental rights, and LGBTQIA rights. Through the use of bright visuals, active alliteration, and sometimes cats, Nagara is able to convey concepts, like “A is for abolitionist,” that many do not encounter until their adult live. This book acts as a gateway to a world of equality and gives hope for the future.

As a children’s bookseller, I have sold dozens of copies of this book in the past few years to families that, like myself, are looking for stories that have a deeper message than Goodnight Moon. Granted, some concepts may be a bit abstract for children, such as co-ops, sustainability, and coercion, but they are important ideas that are worth initiating a dialogue with children. With the growing trend of children’s books encouraging inclusion and progressive ideals, such as Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, She Persisted, and Strong is the New Pretty, the future looks to be in good, well-read hands.

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