Madame President

Did you know that Liberia’s former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf lived in Madison, Wisconsin at one point in her life? I didn’t either! And that’s not even the most fascinating part of President Sirleaf Johnson’s story. The book starts by discussing a family lore that said Ellen was destined for greatness; after that, the book delves into how any such achievement would not be easy. Early in her adult life, she escapes an abusive marriage, establishes strong international business ties, survives a military coup, inspires peaceful, female-led protests, and so much more. The book does not paint Johnson Sirleaf  as a saint though; the book delves into the ethical missteps that Sirleaf Johnson took that led to her being accused of nepotism, the quandary she created by supporting brutal warlord Charles Taylor (and continuing to support him despite the reports of brutality committed by his forces), and the way that she seemingly withheld facts from various factions of the Liberia government. This book will certainly keep your attention as it explores Liberia’s Civil War and the turmoil afterwards.

Age Range: 
High School and Up