Nothing Is Okay

Nothing Is Okay was just the book to make me feel feisty and sassy after trying on a poorly fitting dress. Rachel Wiley’s joyful expression of feminism and love for her body was just the read I needed to give me a refreshed perspective. Plus, Wiley is hilarious! I haven’t laughed so much when reading a poetry collection, all while saying “True dat.” As a plus-size woman, I could see so much of my own experiences in Wiley’s words, and in those moments, I wanted to give her a high five to say, “We are enough! You are so right about that!” I first learned of Rachel Wiley’s poetry when I watched a video clip of her performing her poem “10 Honest Thoughts on Being Loved by a Skinny Boy," which you can watch here. Watch the video and then read Nothing Is Okay. Wiley will make you smile and then break your heart within a stanza, just like the backhanded compliments often wielded against plus-size women. I am amazed at how she encapsulates this crushing communication tactic to create poetry that captures what it’s like to be chastised for not loving yourself, all of yourself.

Age Range: 
High School and Up