Rad American Women A-Z

Not your typical A-Z book, Kate Schatz introduces children to a host of American women who have made a significant cultural impact. With striking illustrations and entries ranging from A for Angela Davis to T for Temple Grandin to X for the women who remain nameless for their contributions in American history, this book is a must have for any child growing up in our current political climate.

Personally, I find this book to be crucial to any child’s understanding of the world, and it shows young girls role models that represent who they are/may aspire to be. Rad American Women A-Z is diverse and inclusive, featuring black feminists, autism advocates, and transgender performers, among others. For the children who don’t fit into the white, cisgendered norm of American culture, this book is a gateway to a world of color, strength, and hope that is severely lacking in mainstream media.

Age Range: 
Middle School