Meet Our Team

Brianna M. Jentz, Editor-in-chief

Message to Readers: You are loved. You are seen. You are heard. Through our books and personal stories, we will spread messages of hope, and along the way, we will support each other. Be strong. Be kind.

Brianna Jentz is a professional in the publishing industry and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and the University of Houston-Victoria. She is the editor of Slow Dancing in Carbondale, and her short stories “The Library” and “Blood and Ice Cream” were published by Snail Mail Review and Outrageous Fortune respectively. When not writing and editing, Brianna spends her time with her husband Jeremy and cats Pella and Butch Catsidy, reading, or listening to the Hamilton soundtrack one last time.  

Samantha Traci, Editor

Message to Readers: Go through your life with kindness, and never be afraid to be you.

Sam is a writer and editor who has worked in the newspaper and publishing industry for the past 8 years. She has her B.A. in English with a Journalism minor from the University of Northern Iowa and her M.S. in Publishing from the University of Houston-Victoria. She writes book reviews, like this one, for Killer Nashville. Sam is an animal lover, wine enthusiast, recalcitrant runner and a Green Bay Packers fan. She’s also very active in local politics, and proudly claims “filthy liberal atheist” as the best compliment she’s ever received. 

Hannah Scholbrock, Contributing Writer

Message to readers: Love and let love. Believe in love above all else. If you do all you can to love, nothing can touch you. Love everyone. Love always. Love forever. Love and let love.

Hannah Scholbrock is a voice instructor at an art center and a transaction coordinator for a real estate broker in Madison, Wisconsin. She received her B.A in music and a minor in linguistics at Luther College in Decorah, IA. Aside from teaching people to sing and helping people own homes, she considers herself to be a feminist fighting the good fight. She identifies as pansexual, and between her sexual fluidity and her feminist perspective, she is smashing patriarchal norms daily. She is also a strong activist against domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape as a survivor herself. She loves spending her days snuggling with her cat—Lorenzo, practicing yoga, drinking beer, and/or busting into random bouts of song. Call her an angry feminist, and she will proudly prove you right.

Evan J. Stark, Contributing Writer

Evan J. Stark is a graduate from University of Dubuque Theological Seminary with a Masters of Divinity. He provides pulpit supply around Eastern Iowa and works in social services.  Evan is an amateur theologian who focuses on the works of Karl Barth and church doctrine.  Evan and his wife, Jess, have a loving dog and a one-eyed cat.  He spends his free time playing board games and video games or enjoying a good beer.