Exploiting Fantasy

I feel the need to weigh in on male strippers—well not actual strippers—more like male revue shows, a la the Chippendales or Hunks. Before I go any further, let me say that I have nothing against a shirtless, oiled-up Channing Tatum or Matthew McConaughey because DAMN!!

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Let Me Strip It Down for You

I finally managed to have a discussion with my mother that I’d long been dreading. Somehow, I talked to her about getting on stage and taking my clothes off in front of a room full of strangers. The talk went much better than expected. By the end of it, she was even enthusiastic.

So what was this stripped down endeavor that I was so anxious for my mom to see? Darling, it’s burlesque!

Live Your Passion

Marcus Aurelius wrote, “Luck is the good fortune you determine for yourself.” I completely agree with that idea—I don’t believe in luck. Oh sure, I occasionally get the parking spot right outside the mall on a frigid day, or win an amazing raffle prize, but when things turn out really well for me, it’s almost always the result of hard work.