LGBTQ Rights

A Few Thoughts on August 15, 2018

Today, I heard a speaker ask his audience of young professionals to consider the costs of not changing. He was speaking about being adaptive in one’s careers, but I started to think about it in terms of how we treat other people. What is the cost if we allow discrimination, bigotry, and abuse to run rampant? I believe we risk losing the beauty in other people because our preconceived bias.

My Religion Is Hurting (Part I)

In my hometown, Wednesday nights were for catechism. Young Catholics, who attended the public school by day, would invade the closest Catholic school, expecting to learn a bit about God and definitely causing a mess. I had a goody-goody reputation because I didn’t dare put chalk in the erasers, or hide the erasers on top of the ceiling fans, or stuff candy wrappers in other students’ desks.