Protest Poems

Protest Poems


I keep writing protest poems in comfort:
near middle-class behind a desktop computer
in notebooks full of unlined, acid-free paper
in my mind on the way to work, from work

Kaep-tain America: Athletes, Protest, Race, and State Violence

Unless you’ve been living in seclusion for the last year, you have heard the name Colin Kaepernick, probably paired with an image of him with a neatly groomed Afro kneeling during the national anthem. As I wondered what to write, I wrote (and re-wrote) this dozens of times, never quite satisfied with how it arrived.

Teach Me How to Protest

Teach me you how to protest because I've been told that the old, peaceful ways are no longer acceptable:

Don’t boycott a store—you’re hurting your neighbors’ jobs. Buy an unaffordable house and eat at chain restaurants, but never buy an avocado.

Don’t protest in large groups—if you block a road, you deserve to be hit by a car.